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First Sargent Dvir Amunalof

06-01-09 , 11:09



First Sergeant Dvir Amunalof, 22 years old from Givat Zeev Jerusalem that was killed yesterday in Gaza, was a volunteer of Magen David Adom from tenth grade until his draft into the army. The majority of his volunteering was done in the satellite station of his home town.


Rivka Or an ambulance driver and senior medic in Magen David Adom, knew Dvir from his first days as a youth volunteer, she recalls a charming boy with a smile always on his face, with an especially high work ethic, and a great respect for the elderly. Dvir was always around to help even in addition to his regular shifts in Magen David Adom.


Rivka tells us that Dvir would always come on time and ready for his shift, he would sit long hours for entire shifts just for the opportunity to help in the little station of Givat Zeev, there aren't many calls for that station but in any case Dvir took the offensive and got other volunteers to come and cheered them on to stay.


In the last few years Dvir didn't come to the station to often mainly because of his army service and the fact that his father was very sick. However he came to the station as often as he could, the main point for Dvir was to help. On the especially cold days Dvir would stand outside washing and cleaning all the ambulances, you could always count on him, Rivka said. When Dvir couldn't make it to the station for a long time he would make sure to ask Rivka what was going on in the station and in Magen David Adom in general, how her shifts are going and if there were any interesting calls.


A shift in Magen David Adom with Dvir always passed with high spirits especially because Dvir always had a smile on his face and took everything easy. Rivka recalls a particular car accident that they were called to the weather was very bad and as the hail was pounding down on the ambulance and on them as the got out to treat those wounded, one of the people who were trapped in the car was a solder. Dvir didn't even hesitate and started to attempt try to get him out before the rescue services even arrived on scene, he said "these are solders and we have to help them "as the hail was poring down and even cutting there hands, after he was able to get him out he said to Rika with a smile "you see it wasn't that hard"


The CEO of Magen David Adom Eli Been said "Though I have not met Dir personally but from what I have heard about him, he was someone who loved his people his nation and his country, in my name and in the name of all of the management and all of the employees and volunteers of all of Magen David Adom express our deepest heart felt condolences, and we share in your families deep sorrows as you are one of our own.

credit:  HNN


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