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Magen David Adom Covenant - The value of saving lives as seen by the three religions, will be presented to the Pope

30-05-09 , 20:38

The Pope, Benedictus the 16th, who is visiting Israel, will tomorrow (Monday) at 16.00 meet with representatives of the different religions in the Notre Dame Hotel in Jerusalem.  During the meeting, Rabbi Michael Melchior will present the Pope with the Magen David Adom in Israel Covenant, which was written and signed by distinguished members of the three largest religions in the State - Judaism, Christianity and Muslim.


The covenant deals with the highest religious value - the saving of lives and how it is defined by each of these three religions, whilst emphasizing the donation of blood and organs and the giving of medical aid to every man whoever he may be.


The Magen David Adom organisation in Israel, who joined the ranks of the International Red Cross in June 2006 and is the largest humanitarian organisation in the country, gathered together Rabbis, Sheikhs, Priests, and Archbishop and additional dignitaries, who formulated the covenant and signed it.


The MDA Director General Eli Bin noted: "as an international humanitarian organisation, thousands of volunteers from all the religions in the State of Israel are working together in Magen David Adom in Israel, and they are giving medical and humanitarian aid whenever needed, regardless of sex, religion, race or nationality, in a neutral fashion without any prejudice, in all places and at all times".


Rabbi Melchior, who was the chairman of the session of the dignitaries of all the religions and the representatives of Magen David Adom, together with his colleague Sheikh Abdallah Nimer Darwish, will tomorrow present the covenant to the Pope as a sign and symbol of the inter-religious, international and humanitarian co-operation to which Magen David Adom is beholden since the day it was founded.



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